ProCon Nottinghamshire - NTU Apprenticeship Open Day - 9 Feb
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Dear Member

We don't normally share details of member's events but we were previously considering organising an Apprenticeship event but thought it best to leave that to the experts and instead promote the NTU Apprenticeship Open Day. Details below.

Apprenticeships Open Day - invite from NTU

Our very first Apprenticeships Open Day will take place on Thursday 9 February, between 1 – 5 pm in the Newton Building. This event will bring together employers, prospective apprentices, industry partners, academics and more.

Between 1 -3 pm, the focus will be on potential apprentice students . During this period, students will be able to meet with employers to discuss job opportunities, talk to current apprentices and take part in ‘give it a go’ sessions.

Between 3- 5 pm, the focus of the event will move to businesses. There will be a staging area where members of our apprenticeships team will be delivering short presentations on key parts of the apprenticeship journey. Following this, there will be a panel discussion featuring current employers, apprentices and industry experts.

You are welcome to attend the Open Day, and we can provide you with a stand in our ‘NTU Hub’ on the day, giving you an opportunity to speak to businesses, employers and potential apprentices. Please let me or Ryan Weston know if you would like to take part.

More information can be found on the prospective apprentice and business focused Open Day event listings respectively.

Online Discovery event for employers

Aimed specifically at businesses, this 90 minute online event will allow employers to meet our team, learn more about courses in breakout rooms and take part in a panel discussion.

Please note: this is not a ProCon Nottinghamshire event. If you need further details please follow the links above and get in touch with NTU directly.