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Shakespeare Martineau and Marrons - We are a leading law firm that unlocks potential in our people and clients - inspiring confidence, growth and development.

We pride ourselves on protecting and growing our clients' businesses through pragmatic advice and market expertise. On paper we’re a full-service law firm, but we offer so much more than that. Expertise, commerciality and relationships are at the very heart of what we do.

Case Study: Everards Meadows Development Project – Shakespeare Martineau and Marrons

Everards Brewery Limited is a renowned brewery based in Leicestershire, with a vision to develop Everards Meadows into a vibrant mixed-use commercial space. Their ambitious project includes a cafe, cycle centre, brewery, head office, tap room building, green infrastructure, offices, and a hotel.

In November 2022, Everards Brewery Limited obtained planning permission for phase 2 of their development project at Everards Meadows. This phase primarily focused on the construction of office spaces and a hotel within the site. As their trusted legal advisors, our role extended beyond securing planning permission to provide ongoing counsel on various matters related to the site's development.

Challenges Faced
Throughout the project, Everards Brewery encountered challenges, including potential enforcement actions by the Local Planning Authority (LPA) concerning temporary uses and structures on the site. Additionally, navigating the complexities of Reserved Matters for the hotel as part of the Phase 2 development posed significant legal considerations.

Our Role
Our team played a crucial role in addressing the challenges faced during the development process. We provided comprehensive advice and guidance to mitigate the risks associated with potential enforcement actions by the LPA. Our proactive approach ensured they remained compliant with relevant regulations while moving forward with the development.

We assisted Everards Brewery in navigating the intricacies of Reserved Matters for the hotel component of Phase 2. Our legal expertise enabled us to streamline the approval process, ensuring that the brewery's plans for the hotel aligned with regulatory requirements and met their strategic objectives.

Everards Brewery was successfully able to progress with the development of Everards Meadows. Despite the challenges encountered, the brewery obtained planning permission for Phase 2, marking a significant milestone in the scheme. Our collaborative efforts contributed to overcoming obstacles and facilitating the realisation of the brewery's vision for a dynamic mixed-use commercial space.

The project illustrates the importance of strategic legal counsel in complex development initiatives. By using expertise, the client was able to overcome regulatory challenges and advance their ambitious project.

Key Services Provided

  • Strategic legal advice
  • Compliance management
  • Planning permission facilitation
  • Risk mitigation strategies

Case Study: Blocwork's Innovative PRS Scheme in Nottingham - The Barnum

Blocwork, a joint venture between Bloc and Network Rail, embarked on a ground breaking project in Nottingham in 2021 aimed at addressing the growing demand for high-quality rental housing in the city. Partnering with local authorities and stakeholders, Blocwork sought to revolutionise the rental market by introducing a large-scale Private Rented Sector (PRS) scheme adjacent to Nottingham railway station.


Nottingham, like many urban centres, faced a pressing need for professionally-managed rental housing equipped with modern amenities. Recognising this gap in the market, Blocwork aimed to develop a PRS scheme that not only met the demand for rental accommodation but also set a new standard for quality and convenience. The challenge lay in navigating regulatory requirements, securing necessary agreements, and delivering a project that catered to the evolving needs of renters.


Blocwork took a proactive approach to address the challenges posed by the project. Central to this approach was proactive engagement with the City Council, which was led by planning consultants at Marrons on behalf of the client, to help steer the application through the planning system to ensure that permission was granted for a high quality, deliverable scheme. In support of this, planning solicitors at Shakespeare Martineau negotiated the s.106 planning agreement on behalf of the client ensuring the project's compliance with planning regulations and addressing community needs.

The end development, known as The Barnum, is now open for occupation and represents a high quality addition to Nottingham’s property market and a landscape building in the city skyline.

The scheme's emphasis on long-term tenancies, amenities, and services has resonated positively with renters, setting a new standard for rental accommodation in the city.

Key Services provided

  • Strategic legal advice
  • Compliance management
  • Planning permission facilitation

Shakespeare Martineau and Marrons

Working with organisations of all sizes, Shakespeare Martineau delivers a broad range of specialist legal services to businesses and individuals in life and business. Our real estate, construction and planning teams are part one of the largest teams in the firm, working across the residential and commercial development sectors, regeneration projects, social housing and energy sectors.

Our construction expertise covers both contentious and non-contentious matters, helping you manage, avoid and resolve contractual disputes, and our planning team has the rare combination of practical, tactical and strategic planning experience to steer you through the whole process.

Marrons, a full service planning and design consultancy, has undergone a year of substantial growth and success expanding its services to include economic development, heritage, architecture and urban design services and specialists.

Marrons acts on behalf of a range of clients across the UK to deliver economic, social and environmental regeneration. Our team can provide strategic advice at the outset, coordinate, project manage and audit planning applications, including urban regeneration schemes, long term urban extensions, site allocation and promotions and strategic planning, housing land supply advice and commercial/retail planning expertise.

This combination of technical and creative expertise offers a distinctive approach, allowing us to adopt a holistic perspective across the project lifecycle. This enables us to create spaces that take into account and enhance community dynamics at every level.

Clients include companies and public bodies of all types and sizes, from landowners to developers, property funds to corporate occupiers, contractors to planning authorities. What links us together is the drive to be entrepreneurial and forward thinking. We skilfully harness the law to support business projects, however big or small.

Shakespeare Martineau and Marrons

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