ProCon Nottinghamshire Webinar Invite - Social Value - Why? An insight from businesses and customers - 28 January, 2pm
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We would be delighted if you would join us for our first 2021 ProCon webinar on Thursday 28 January at 2.00pm.

Social Value - Why? An insight from businesses and customers

The increased emphasis on boosting social, economic and ecological value in recent years is not just about good PR – it's now firmly embedded in most tender processes.

Businesses delivering value beyond the basics of paying workers, rewarding shareholders and delivering goods and services is nothing new. But the focus on social value takes this to another level with its focus on social, economic and environmental benefits.

Social value, is fast becoming an asset for contractors in public procurement with the government passing legislation to encourage it and tenders now explicitly accounting for it. Those businesses that embrace social value and are willing to flex and work in different ways to deliver it stand to be favoured by clients. They will leave not just buildings and infrastructure as testaments to their work, but a legacy of positive, social change.

Our speakers are:

  • Alison Ramsey, Social Value and Performance Manager, SCAPE
  • Zoe Anastasi, Regional Community Manager, Willmott Dixon
  • Carrie Booth, Business Development Manager, BSP Consulting

Each speaker will look at why they support social value, how they have embedded it in their business, how they monitor it and the benefits to their organisation and the communities in which they work.

There will be a Q&A session after the presentations.

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