Danaher & Walsh Civil Engineering announce Procure Partnership Framework award win

Published 05th September 2023 by ProCon Nottinghamshire

Danaher & Walsh (Civil Engineering) Ltd is delighted to announce that it has been awarded a place on Procure Partnership’s Framework for Highways and Civil Engineering.

The Procure Partnerships Framework was established with the aim of assisting public sector entities in procuring contractor partners for various construction needs, including civil engineering.

Whilst the framework is National, it operates on a Regional basis, emphasising the importance of local delivery while maintaining national governance standards. Danaher & Walsh have been awarded a place on the Framework for both the Midlands and the East of England – the areas in which the specialist firm operates.

“We are incredibly proud to have been awarded all of the lots on the Framework that we applied for. We recognise the value Procure Partnerships put on local delivery of the highest standard, so this endorsement is very rewarding for our team, and equally importantly it means that public sector clients can now choose to work with Danaher & Walsh via the Framework, with ease and with complete peace of mind.”

Ian Gilbert, Commercial Director, Danaher & Walsh (Civil Engineering) Ltd

The Procure Partnerships Framework prioritises flexibility, offering clients a range of call-off options and up to eight different call-off contract formats. Importantly, there are no fees associated with public sector bodies accessing this framework, ensuring that clients retain full control over their projects.

In line with Danaher & Walsh’s own ethos, Procure Partnerships are committed to social value so Danaher & Walsh will be working within local communities to help the people who need it the most.

“It was of paramount importance to us that the new framework addresses the growing needs of the industry, whilst ensuring clients have access to specialist contractors for their projects. As a result, we are delighted to have some new faces on the framework which will bring invaluable expertise to our clients and their projects. The new iteration of the framework is set to transform public and private sector procurement and we look forward to seeing what Danaher and Walsh achieves over the next four years.”

Faye Dolan | Head of National Frameworks , Procure Partnerships

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